Keynote at DevRelCon SF, June 6-7


I’m giving a keynote talk at DevRelCon SF 2019

This will be my first time at DevRelCon — a conference on developer relationships and community management — and I’m truly looking forward to it. Tamao Nakahara, one of the organizers, explains the conference best:

“DevRelCon SF 2019 (June 6-7) will kick off the morning of Day 1 with parallel tracks of introductory talks and advanced deep-dive discussions. For beginners, track 1 is like a mini bootcamp. For advanced attendees, the "track 2" discussions aim to help attendees find their birds of a feather to share challenges and solutions. Both will be run or moderated by leaders from companies such as Slack, Twitch, MongoDB, and AWS.”

- Developer Relations and DX - Intro to Advanced at DevRelCon SF 2019 (June 6-7)

It looks like a great mix of talks and networking, and of course I am deeply interested in and delighted by the material itself. Community, relationship-building, leadership!

I’ll be giving a keynote at DevRelCon on the second day.

How raising the bar can plug a leaky pipeline

The leaky pipeline is a daunting problem. It can even seem that compromise and loss are inevitable. Don't let narrow mental models get you down! This talk is a strategic and inspiring look at how we can raise the bar and use intentional decision making to build and retain more diverse teams.

This talk is based on my experiences in management and community leadership, and looks at how those of us with organizational power can do more to help all of our reports and community members get hired and advance their careers.

It’s going to be a fun talk. I always enjoy chatting with folks after a talk, so please come say hi to me if you’re there. No worries if you’re not; I’ll share the slides and video once they’re posted.

Have a great week, candidates.