Looking after yourself on interview day

Interview day can be stressful! Looking after yourself can let you focus on the important part of the day: highlighting your strengths.

Let’s look at some of the things you don't want to be worrying about…

Will I be there on time?

Leave with plenty of time to spare.

Plan to hang around in a coffee shop if you need to.

Get there early enough that you can figure out that you've gone to the wrong entrance and not have to sprint around to the other side.

If you can afford it and it would make you less stressed, consider getting a taxi.

What should I wear?

Get your outfit ready the day before.

Ironed if that's your style.

Choose it early enough that you can rectify any problem - maybe you need to buy something, fix something or wash something.

Keep your mind clear of this choice on the interview day.

If you're not sure what to wear, recruiters are pretty good about letting you know.

Hi <recruiter>,

Thank you for organising the interview on Tuesday. I'm excited to meet the team! One thing I'm wondering about - what is the office dress code?


If you need a haircut, don’t leave that until the day of the interview.

Does my breath smell?

You get to the office and you realise that your breath isn't quite right.

Bring a toothbrush and mini toothpaste.


Excuse yourself and brush in the bathroom if you need to.

Interview preparation

Consider the day before the interview - "What else do I need to be ready?".

Read the job description.

Put all the details of the interview in your phone - times, address, names.

Write those details down on paper *just in case something happens to your phone*.

Think about what your key strengths are.


As much as possible, let people know that this is an important day for you.

Avoid arguments, picking up chores, and unnecessary stress.

If it is a hassle for you to prepare food, treat yourself at a café.

What works for you on interview day? Let us know!