I Left My ❤️ at DevRelCon

I’m buzzing from my keynote at DevRelCon last week on “How raising the bar can plug a leaky pipeline” (slides are here).

I’ve been a huge fan of Jono Bacon’s Community Leadership Summit at OSCON, but this was my first time branching out into a solid two-day developer relations conference.

What a welcoming and kind community! From the standing ovations every speaker received before their talk began, to the generous tips about how to jump into the Twitter conversation. I don’t remember conferences being this friendly!


I learned a ton and am already looking forward to DevRelCon London at the end of the year.

Developer relations is a growing field, and something candidates may want to consider when looking for their next job — Lizzie Siegle offered some great tips to those who do. I’ll share links to videos once they’re live.

Huge thanks to all of the conference organizers and volunteers. Y’all delivered such a delightful experience, and made it look easy. I hope you all have really nice vacations coming up if you’re not already enjoying one this week.

Take care of each other, candidates!