DangoorMendel is built around alignment:
your goals become our goals

We created DangoorMendel to help people secure and maximize their professional opportunities. That’s it. We are not venture backed. We are not creating a hidden product to sell to corporations. We do not accept money from anyone except individuals who are our clients. We work for you, and we succeed when you do.

Creating a sustainable business

In order to align our goals with yours, we don’t charge an hourly rate. If you want advice, schedule a chat with us, and we’ll give you tips for free.

We thrive on results:

  • If your goal is to negotiate a job offer — whether you want more money or simply to know that you’re not being taken advantage of — why not pay us 30% of the amount we negotiate above the initial offer?

  • If your goal is a great new job, why not pay us a bonus once you happily accept a great new job?

  • If your goal is getting your foot in more doors and acing your interviews, why not pay us a nominal monthly “take this seriously” fee while we work towards a great new job and a negotiation you can be proud of.

We would like to give you more details up front, but the truth is that we work with clients from around the world, in all kinds of situations, and with a wide variety of goals. We can’t talk about money specifics until we dig into other specifics with you first.

Once we understand all the complexities of what you’re looking for, we are completely transparent about the agreement we can offer you. We’ll never pressure you to accept.

We are a small word-of-mouth business. It means a lot to us that all of our clients are overwhelmingly happy with our service and recommend us to their friends.

What we do

We do whatever you need to succeed. Depending on your situation that may include:

  • Customizing your job applications, resumes and cover letters

  • Drafting emails and scripts

  • Leveling-up your interviewing impressiveness

  • Building your negotiation confidence and effectiveness

  • Making a personalized plan with you and holding you accountable

For software engineers, we additionally review code challenges and help you prepare for specific types of technical interviews.

Our incredible results come from our deep experience and responsive coaching, as well as the pedagogical power of intelligent practice sessions. We create a curriculum of specific scenarios to role play with you so that you can iterate on feedback and build the skills you need to ace your interviews and advocate for yourself.

You don’t need to be an expert or have a perfect employment record to make the most of whatever next step you want to take.

Searching for a job or talking about compensation is stress! We make it easier. We typically work with clients using virtual phone/video calls, group chat such as WhatsApp/Slack, and shared Google docs.

When I started the interview process for my dream job I was uncomfortable talking with the recruiter about compensation. DangoorMendel took away the stress. They gave me information and helped me prepare so that I was ready for the final negotiation with a high-level executive. I actually enjoyed the conversation and am pleased with the outcome!
— Amanda, Senior Software Engineer