When I was making the transition to a new career in software development, I was more nervous than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I decided to take the leap and trust DangoorMendel to help me.

Adam and Lusen truly supported me through every step of the process; my cover letters were proofread, my resume was immaculate, and I’ve never felt more prepared for interviews and technical assessments.

Job hunting has always been stressful and incredibly difficult for me; I’ve always felt like the return I got on all the time I invested searching was minimal at best. DangoorMendel totally reversed that: rather than worrying about not getting any interviews, I was worrying over the number of interview invitations I was receiving.

I am profoundly grateful for all the help they gave me, and I will use their services the next time I transition jobs. I highly recommend that you do the same!
— Cait Gorevin, Software Engineer

“Working with DangoorMendel gave me confidence to not accept the initial offer immediately, even though there were various internal and external pressures to do so. Knowing that Adam and Lusen were actively in my corner ready to discuss the offer with me helped tremendously. Because of them, I accepted a final offer that was more than 10% higher than what I was first offered!

I work in a field where personal relationships and reputation are everything. DangoorMendel helped me navigate decisions and communication so that I could feel good about accepting and rejecting offers.”
— Wesley Faulkner, Developer Relations Advocate

I was referred to DangoorMendel by a friend who had previously worked with them. I’m so glad I took my friends advice.

Since I’m at the beginning of my career I was quite reluctant to take the risk to invest in myself. DangoorMendel talked me through the process and helped renegotiate the terms of my salary.

Speaking with them was invaluable. Not only did it help me get a raise, but it also built my confidence and taught me life-long skills that I can apply to future situations in any field of work. 

Chatting with them feels like chatting with friends. I would work with them again in a heartbeat and would recommend them to anyone who needs guidance with career negotiation of any kind.
— Zie Kirk, Graphic Designer

Having proper feedback after an interview is something I always wanted but no one was willing to give, now I know where my weaknesses were.
— Alexander Rojas, Software Engineer

It’s very stressful changing jobs, including having exciting but open-ended conversations with potential employers. People around me were telling me what I should decide, when I needed to know how I should decide. 

Adam and Lusen told me what questions to ask and what all to think about when making each decision. It was very helpful and empowering having their support and expertise on my side.

I didn’t get the outcome I originally wanted, but I feel good knowing I negotiated about what I truly wanted, and didn’t commit to a situation I would later regret. Lusen and Adam’s intervention was punctual but will help me also for the future as now I feel more confident about the whole hiring process.
— Sonia K., Research Engineer

Adam worked with me to craft a CV which was professional and highlighted my skills. He taught me how employers look at CVs and helped me to clarify what I wanted in my next role.
— Shashank Singh Kushwah, Software Engineer

I signed up with DangoorMendel partway through the process of applying to my dream job. DangoorMendel researched the company I wanted to join and gave me customized interview and negotiation preparation.

Adam and Lus gave me the kind of real, honest and encouraging feedback we always wish we could get from interviewers. For the first time, I saw myself and my value directly through the eyes of an interviewer. As a result, I felt more confident in the final round than I had in any prior interview in my entire professional career. This made all the difference in the world to my candidature.

I should also mention that DangoorMendel’s pricing meant that our goals were aligned: I wanted to get the job and the highest possible salary. In the end, I paid them only a small percentage of the difference between my old salary and the new one.
— Amanda, Senior Software Engineer