Adam and Lusen founded DangoorMendel to improve the job opportunities and compensation of everyone who could use a helping hand.

Lusen Mendel (LinkedIn) and Adam Dangoor (LinkedIn) have been working in the technology industry for a long time. They have shipped code, managed teams, consulted for companies and individuals, and have negotiated for and from all sides of the table. They work remotely and on-site, and are currently based in San Francisco and London.

Adam Dangoor (he/him)

“Over the years, friends and colleagues have called on me for help navigating the trickier parts of negotiation. They want to know how to ask for a raise, and what to do about a disappointing offer.

I’ve helped them write those emails, prepare for difficult conversations, and feel good about asking for what they want.”

The results have been overwhelmingly positive. Work is such an important part of your life; having expert industry guidance can go a long way. A ten percent raise might double your ability to save, not only this year, but every year thereafter. Negotiation is not only about money, but establishing a healthy professional relationship, which can lead to a better work-life balance and job satisfaction.

Lusen MendeL (they/them)

“My career has focused on improving the wellbeing of all employees, including those who are overlooked and undervalued.

It is not what you know but who you know doesn’t work when you are first in your professional network. Have faith and wait for a raise doesn’t work when management only responds to the squeaky wheel.

Whether it is your first job or your twentieth, Adam and Lusen are here to help you succeed, whether that means getting your foot in the door, acing tough interviews, or negotiating with confidence.

Speaking with Adam and Lusen was invaluable. Not only did they help me get a raise, but it also built my confidence and taught me life-long skills that I can apply to future situations in any field of work.”
— Zita Kirk, Graphic Designer